Automate release of medical information

Automated HIPAA-compliant record release for providers, physicians, pharmacy, and physiotherapy to capture consent, validate identity and facilitate payment.

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Ultimate benefits for your privacy and operation departments

We pride ourselves on making the lives of operations and privacy departments easier, more effective, and much

Privacy Compliance

Instantly comply with timeline guidance and privacy legislation

Improved Security

AES 256-bit data encryption at rest in and transit for your implementation

Reduced Costs

Reduce costs related to release of information and privacy compliance

Dynamic Staffing

Outsource all manual requests to eliminate fluctuating staffing

White-label record request experience

Your customers experience an easy to use, streamlined, and natively branded request experience. A few simple clicks allows them to submit all required information to authenticate and access their health information.

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How it works


Omni-channel request routing

Regardless of the submission channel we internalize all requests into a single inbox


Authenticate, consent and match

Identity verification, consent capture and patient matching to release records


Collect payment and release records

We ensure payment is collected before medical records are release electronically

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Detailed compliance tracking and reporting

Medchart provides detailed logging and reporting for your compliance needs. We provide easy annual compliance audits for multiple formats.

NIST 800-171

Our partners

We're proud to partner with the largest companies in the world to deliver technology solutions in the most secure and privacy compliant way available.

Increase utilization rates of existing IAS implemenations

Medchart integrates with Smile Digital Health to increase the utilization rates of existing IAS FHIR Endpoints allowing payers to save costs.