Employee Spotlight Series: Razib Ahmed, Senior Product Manager

Continuing in our Employee Spotlight Series, we spoke with Razib Ahmed, senior product manager. Razib and his team are hyper focused on building data connections for hundreds of medical providers and health exchanges.

1. What do you like best about working in health tech?

I started my career in fintech and see parallels to where we are in health tech now. I have seen first-hand how technology can give people the means to live a better life. With access to timely data, Medchart can help individuals obtain accurate information pertaining to diagnosis and treatment, in turn, improving overall outcomes. This is why I love working at Medchart and Health tech to help ensure we are helping people live their best life.

2. What do you see as the top challenges in health tech today?

One of the biggest challenges I see is the disconnection of data. It is essential that a patient has access to the right data at the right time so that the app or service they are using is able to make insightful decisions. The hospitals, urgent care centers and various health systems in the US have been storing years of historical data in silos, making it hard for patients to access and with regulations like HIPAA.

This leads to the second challenge, which is that patients are required to know regulations inside out to get access to their own data. These rules and regulations can be complex, leading to frustration and helplessness, especially in patients going through health complications or traumatic health-related events. Our goal as an organization is to take on these barriers to remove the silos and the complexity of getting access to data, thus improving patient experience.

3. What is unique about working at Medchart?

The purpose of our Engineering team is to help solve some of the most complex problems for our customers. We have empowered engineers to own a problem rather than an output thus giving them a supportive space to utilize their knowledge and expertise to solve problems. We also put focus on creating a culture of collaboration not just between engineers but with product and design to ensure our engineers

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