Employee Spotlight Series: Abdullah Memon, Product Designer

Continuing in our Employee Spotlight Series, we spoke with Abdullah Memon, product designer. Abdullah is a key part of the team working on building Medchart’s API platform for users to more easilyconnect to their health.

  1. What are key considerations when you are designing a product?

I look at product design at Medchart from two perspectives. The first is simply - how can  we empower app builders to easily pick up ourAPIs and supercharge their products with health data? The second is trust: how can we create simple and trustworthy experiences for app users to encourage them to share their data?

Ultimately, the overarching principle we try to embrace is to not pass on the complexity of the healthcare industry onto our users.

  1. What challenges come with managing so much data flowing in the system?

Data is tough to manage in most industries but even more so in health tech because there are so many moving parts in the health data realm. Data can be shared from different sources, different timing, all indifferent formats, to measure a variety of things including, lab work, care plans and medications. Interpreting the meaning of this data and simplifying it for people and systems that consume this data is a huge undertaking.

Additionally, people want control over what data they share since this is often considered very private information about themselves and their families. So how health tech companies gain trust around privacy isalso a big challenge, especially in an industry with so much data at its disposal.

  1. How is health tech different from other roles you have had in your career?

I came from a B2B fintech background where I built software for wealth management firms. It was much easier to see the impact on the business and operations than on the end consumers. This made it difficult for me to feel a connection to the mission.The satisfaction of having a positive impact on people’s lives through technology in the healthcare industry is immense.

 Health tech as a whole has played a major role in improving quality and access to healthcare.From helping people build good healthy habits to managing chronic conditions to offering mental health treatment therapy, there are many new opportunities and models that enable easier and affordable access to healthcares. It feels good to work at a company that can help enable this for a healthier population around the world.

  1. Why do you think health tech is an emerging market for designers? 

Simply put, there are endless problems to solve in the market because the ecosystem is complex in many ways, while the number of people impacted is huge.

The industry is highly complicated, regulated and filled with legacy companies and systems.Over time as consumer behaviors and expectations have evolved in count less other industries, so has their expectations in healthcare and related services.Designing for ease and simplicity is considered a huge competitive advantage in the space, and we’re constantly looking to raise the bar. 

  1. What do you love about working at Medchart?

As a company, and a product and engineering team, we live and breathe the empowered product team model. Our cross functional product squads aren’t told what to build, rather the team collaborates to define problems and design, architect, and develop the solution in the best way possible. Not only is this more fulfilling as a product team, it’s also genuinely fun! 

I really believe that disruption in regulated industries comes from empowering talented product builders and companies to build game changing products, and Medchart is enabling just that with our API platform. At Medchart, we’re shaping the future of the industry, and I can’t think of a more important mission to tackle than healthcare.

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