The best way to retrieve medical records for your files

Request records, billing, prescriptions, affidavits and more in just 2 minutes from any treatment provider in North America.

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Increase capacity

Time is valuable and even more so with contingency files. Outsource retrieval to increase intake, reduce staff numbers or allocate more resources to existing files.

Improve visibility

Improve onsite/remote work with detailed tracking of every touchpoint, fee and record status in a single place. Solidify your business continuity with digital retrieval.

Cost certainty

Our flat fee request model ensures your costs stay in check regardless of work needed to retrieve records. We also dispute provider fees on your behalf.

4.8/5 customer satisfaction

Every one of our customers receives the VIP experience. Medchart prides itself on the highest satisfaction in the retrieval industry.

62% of customers refer a friend

Our customers love Medchart enough to recommend it to a colleague or friend in 62% of survey responses.

Endless benefits of medchart retrieval

Provider database

We've sourced providers from across in the United States into our database. Simply pick and go.

Advanced authoriztions

Medchart's proprietary authorizations ensure you have the best chance of getting records

Detailed tracking

See every action, transaction and follow up with real-time updates sent directly to your online account.

Fully paperless

Take your firm 100% paperless by managing all medical record requests online.

e-Signature intake

Improve your case efficiency with a single authorization that is good for the lifetime of the file/client.

Increase security

End to end encryption at rest and in transit improves business continuity and ensures data is secure.

HIPAA & state compliant

Let the experts in medical records ensure compliance with federal and state privacy legislation.

Cost certainty

Our flat fee per request ensures know what retrieval costs, regardless of the effort or time involved.

Quotes from our customers


I am very pleased with Medchart. The staff are friendly and very responsive; and requests are processed quickly and efficiently. The progress of requests is easy to track. I highly recommend Medchart to anyone who medical needs medical records and bills.”



Knowing our requests are being taken care of by Medchart is the definition of peace of mind. If I have any questions I can easily log in and see the follow-ups myself, no time wasted making phone calls and sitting on hold. I would certainly recommend Medchart.



Medchart has been a great addition to our fast growing firm. We are very satisfied not only by how quickly we have received records back from providers, but also by how responsive the Medchart team is with our questions. We recommend Medchart.


Integrated with your existing systems

Experience better medical record retrieval

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